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Foot Detox Pads - Zen Takara - 1 pair INR 390

Foot Detox Pads - Zen Takara - 1 pair

We bring forth a range of Detoxification, which is ultra detox (fast & safe). The range works 10 hours faster than others and delivers great results. Our range provides balance between excretion of toxins and absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. The range makes immune system stronger and helps body to fight against various diseases. An external cleanser which has high absorptive capacity and long lasting effect and helps to protect you from diseases and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. Our bodies contain around 400 to 800 man-made chemicals. Unfortunately, the normal healthy body elimination process does not remove all these foreign chemicals. Food, drinks, polluted air, medications, stress, metabolism, products applied to the skin and dust all contribute to the body's toxic overload. Toxins accumulate on a daily basis and build up over years, resulting in poor health as manifested by weakness, pains and aches and a less efficient immune system to fight against illness and disease. For the body to be able to effectively resist disease, it first needs to reach a cellular balance between the excretion of toxins and absorption of nutrients, water and oxygen. Our Takara Patches helps the body achieve this balance and thus promotes good health and wellbeing. Below is by no means a complete list of some of sources where these toxins may be entering our bodies: Processed foods (flavourings, colours and additives) Fluids we drink (alcohol, tap water) Pollution from factories and cars in the air we breathe Smoking and passive smoking. Negative effects of radiation from mobile phones. Harmful chemicals in personal health care products and cosmetics.

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