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GT Plus - Green Tea Chlorophyll 90 Supplement Capsules Rs.1020/- Potent Green Tea Extract Powerful and Legendry Antioxidant Green Tea Plus Chlorophyll capsules in India are camillotek's one of the most selling products used for weight loss, detoxification, blood purification and balance human immune system. Camillotek is serving to bring the best from nature to in the form of health supplements, fitness & beauty products for over years. Green tea is a great source of vitamin C and contains many nutrients, most importantly polyphenols. The primary polyphenols in Green tea are the flavonoids catechin and proanthocyanidins. Green tea is also a good source of proteins, Chlorophyll, tannins, lignin and the amino acid theanine. A Green tea and Chlorophyll study found that green tea contains more Chlorophyll which is acting better than any other products in the market. KEY INGREDIENT(S): Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis) and Chlorophyll. MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: Catechins (including EGCg), are the main active ingredients in green tea, which act as antioxidants and bind iron, which may prevent some iron dependent inflammation. Contains 80% less caffeine than one cup of green tea drink per serving. Health benefits of green tea : A Strong Immune System. Healthy skin and healthy aging. Healthy Energy Levels. Healthy Circulation. OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES : Highest dose in one capsule. One capsule contains as much EGCg as about six cups of green tea with low caffeine. Green tea may correct cholesterol imbalances by raising HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol, while preventing LDL from oxidizing. Oxidized cholesterol is a key risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Green tea may also be a mild anticoagulant, or “blood thinner.” Green has been shown to help maintain levels of desirable intestinal bacteria. Buy now More info
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Bio CoQ10 - Bio Enhanced CoEnzymeQ10 60 Supplement Capsules Rs.1650/- A BioEnhanced Cellular Energy KEY INGREDIENT(S) : Coenzyme Q10 - 60 mg, Purified Shilajit DBP. Health Benefits of BiocoQ-10 Enhance cellular energy. Reduce angina. Reduce lipid peroxidation. Protect cell membranes. Decrease blood pressure. Supportive in cholesterol medication. Main product features : Compared to a placebo, CoQ10 + shilajit significantly increased energy production (ATP) by 144% in muscle, and the combination was 27% better than CoQ10 alone! Compared to a placebo, CoQ10 + shilajit significantly increased energy production (ATP) by 56% in the brain, and the combination was 40% better than CoQ10 alone! Compared to control animals at rest, CoQ10 levels in the intense exercise-stressed animals plummeted by 75% — yet the combination of CoQ10 + shilajit restored CoQ10 levels to within 15% of the normal rested animals’ levels! The CoQ10 + shilajit combination produced similar synergistic effects on a variety of other measures ofcellular energy status, especially in muscle and brain tissue.
Fensulin - Diabetic Care - 60 Supplement Capsules Rs.1740/- Strategic Nutrients to manage blood sugar & improve body composition KEY INGREDIENT(S): 4-Hydroxyisoleucine from Fenugreek seed extract, Cinnamon bark extract; Clove; Pterocarpus marsupium; Gymnema Sylvestre extract , Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Polynicotinamide. Buy now : More info :
CamAgra - Natural Sexual Enhancement & Reproductive Support Rs.2850/- 60 Supplement Capsules KEY INGREDIENT(S): Chlorophytumborivilianum (Safed Musli), L- Aginine, Macuna purines, Tribullus, AsperagusRecemosus, Shilajit, Ginkgo and Adoptgem Blend. Health Benefits of CamAgra : Sexual desire and stamina of both men and women. Maintain blood circulation level in the reproductive areas. Maintaining the sexual desire up to 4 days. Safe effective and clinically proven. More info : Buy now :
Numotoid. Joint Nutrition 30 Supplement Capsules Natural joint support formula KEY INGREDIENT(S): Boswellia Serrata Extract, Curcumin (Turmeric Extract), Green Tea Extract, Vegetable lend Extract. Buy now : More info :
CaraTrim - Natural Weight Loss. 90 Supplement Capsules. Rs.2750/- Fat Control & Metabolic Balance. Natural Weight Management Formula. more info : buy now :
CHITOSAN PLUS GARCINIA. Fat Blocker & Fat Burner. 30 Supplement Capsules. Rs.465/- Control body fat & increase body's lean mass. KEY INGREDIENT(S): Chitosan powder and Garcinia Cambogia Extract.
VitaCode. Moringa Extract. 60 Supplement Capsules Rs.1800/- Raw food Multinutrient formula. Detox, Replenish & Recharge. Health benefits of Moringa : Detoxification and cleansing. Balance the body's pH levels. Fight inflammation. Improve digestive health. Boost immune function. Anti ageing & De-stressing. More info : Buy now :