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Prostrum known as Colostrum powder, Bovine Colostrum Powder, Cow Colostrum Milk Powder, Cow Milk Colostrum Powder, Organic Colostrum Powder, Colostrum Bovine Powder, Colostrum Supplement, B-Colostrum in Chennai, India. Bioshope serving several years as Colostrum Manufacturer, Colostrum Distributor, Colostrum Supplier, Colostrum Exporter in Chennai, India. Colostrum Benefits : Colostrum is a great immunity booster. Colostrum helps to maintain a robust intestinal lining and promote healthy intestinal flora. Colostrum also used to build lean muscle mass, body building, athletic performance.
Bovine Colostrum, Colostrum first milk, cow colostrum, Colostrum powder, Colostrum whole food, Colostrum - Immune Milk, Colostrum Milk Powder, Perfect Colostrum, B-colostrum, pure Indian Bovine Colostrum, bovine lactoferrin, Immune Strong B Colostrum, Colostrum supplements and manufacturing in Chennai, India. Colostrum is nature's first food and baby's first food. Colostrum provides nutrition, fluids and immunity against disease.
Immune Boosting Supplement Capsules manufacturer, dealer & supplier in Chennai. Immune Factors contains both immune and growth factors like Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrins, Transfer factors and Proline rich Polypeptides from Bovine Colostrum, a perfect blend of mushroom (Cordyceps, Reishi & Shitake) immune factors, probiotics (Lactobacilus acidophilus & Lactobacilus plantarum) and Phyto Immune Blend (Aloevera & Morinda Citrofolia) for optimum immune functions. KEY INGREDIENT(S): Broad spectrum Immunoglobulins , growth factors, transfer factors, mushroom polysaccharides and probiotics. MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: Bovine colostrum contains over 95 immune factors including IgG, Transfer factors, PRP, Lactoferrin, interferon etc. to provide protection. High IgG per serving - IgG is the most abundant immunoglobulin found in bovine colostrum. Itis carried into the blood and lymph (glandular) system and identifies and neutralizes specificantigens (viruses, bacteria, toxins). PRP – Proline Rich Polypeptides: Balance immune system with a modulating effects of TH1 & TH2. Transfer factors in colostrum are immune messenger molecules found in mammals. Growth Factors - Around 87 naturally occurring antigenic growth factors found in colostrums including Insulin-like growth factor-I and II (IgF-1 and IgF-II Mushroom blend – Cordyceps, reishi and Shitake provides immune boosting polysaccharides Probiotics - Healthy bacteria that play a vital role in our immune system’s ability to defend against virus and infection: Health Benefits of Immune Factors Capsules: First line of defense from any infection. Supply Broad spectrum all natural antiviral, antibacterial. Maintain healthy intestinal flora. Diabetics management. Balance Immunity. Repair & Cell growth. Burn fat and grow muscle. Reduce the side effects of certain drugs .
AgroMax manufacturers in chennai Herbal soil conditioner It is a completely non synthetic herbal soil conditioner. It is enhances the texture of the soil as well as its fertility. Moreover, our range also increases the humus percentage of the soil. Prepared using finest herbs, this conditioner is effective supplement of different types of plants. Improved Nutrient & water uptake Improved Root Growth Reduced transplant shock. Application : First application 2 ml /liter of water. Thereafter 4ml/liter of water. Apply in all growing stages. May repeat in every 15 - 20 days. Compatible with all fertilizers and pesticides.
Zen Coffee manufacturers in chennai 100% Natural Instant Power Coffee. 7 Adaptogen herbs in one Coffee. Non-diary Creamer. Elevated cortisol levels and chronic stress can affect every physiological system of human body, including thyroid & adrenal glands. Adaptogens herbs are stabilizing physiological processes & promotion of homeostasis, for example, decreased cellular sensitivity to stress. It is low in sugar, caffeine. Free from milk, toxic preservatives, synthetic colours and flav