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Progut - Billion Spores Pre Probiotics - 30 Supplement Capsules LIKELY USERS : People who travel frequently; People who have digestion problem, Vaginal Infection. KEY INGREDIENT(S) : Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Streptococcus Faecalis & Colstridium Butyricum, Bacillus Mesentericus, Lactobacillus Salivarius & Lactobacillus Planatrum. Health benefits of Progut Healthy digestion. Support in Acute Diarrhea. Prevent from Allergy to pathogens. Prevention of dental caries. Treatment & prevention of relapses of inflammatory bowel disease. Maintaining the correct balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. Treat Helicobacter pylori infection. Ease symptoms of Crohn’s disease. MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: Lactic Acid Bacillus: L . Acidophilus is thought to benefit health, since it produces vitakin K and lactase. Streptococcus Faecallis : Enterococcus faecalis prevents the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the body of its host by competing with the pathogens for binding sites and nutrients, makes the immune system more efficient. Clostridium butyricum : Symbiotic action with streptococcus faecalis to yield short chain fatty acids such as butyric acid and acetic acid with a resultant decrease in intestinal pH and inhibition of growth of harmful bacteria. Lactobacillus Plantarum: Studies have consistently shown that L.plantarum was resistant to most antibiotics. Bacillius mesentericus : Produces an amylolytic enzyme (amylase) and protease to activate proliferation of streptococcus. Helps in increasing the count of bifidobacteria. Lactobacillus Salivarius: L. Salivarius, being highly active on proteins, is able to act on protein toxins while still in the intestinal tract. By removing this burden from the organs of elimination, it allows these organs to complete their functions with much greater efficiency. OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES: A healthy intestinal tract has over 400 different species of micro-organisms living there. They make up about two pounds of body weight. Buy now For more details :
High IgG per Serving: IgG is the most abundant immunoglobulin found in bovine colostrums. It is carried into the blood and lymph (glandular) system and identifies and neutralizes specific antigens ( Viruses, bacteria, toxins) PRP: Proline Rich Polypeptides: Balance immune system with modulating effects of TH1 & TH2. Bifidobacterium bifidum: showed promise in alleviating global IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and in improving IBS symptoms simultaneously with an improvement of quality of life. Bifidobacterium infantis: Helps in gut immunity and improvement in abdominal discomfort and bloating. Lactobacillus sporogenes: Lactobacillus is used for treating and preventing diarrhea, including infectious types such as rotaviral diarrhea in children and traveler's diarrhea. It is also used to prevent and treat diarrhea associated B-colostrum, Colostrum first milk, bovine lactoferrin, Bovine Colostrum, cow colostrum, Colostrum - Immune Milk, Colostrum Milk Powder, Indian Bovine Colostrum. Bovine Colostrum manufacturers, Bovine Colostrum suppliers, Bovine Colostrum exporters wholesalers, traders in Chennai, India.