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Multi Greens Super Food - 60 Capsules 7 Wonders of Green Food Combo Bio Chlorophyll XP known as best green supplement capsules, super greens supplement capsules, athletic greens, vital greens, greens capsules, Multi Greens Super Food in Chennai, India. KEY INGREDIENT(S): Wheat grass, Barleygrass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Chlorella, Green Tea, Spinach and Vegetable Powder. MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: Multi greens super food formula. High Bio available chlorophyll. Contents SOD, GLA Folic acids. Phytonutrients from whole food extracts taken from Carrot and leek. Health Benefits of Bio Chlorophyll XP Healthy Oxygenation. Heavy metal detox. Digestive tract detoxifier. Healthy Skin. Helps in blood purification. Balances Haemoglobin production. Reduces Blood pressure and low bad cholesterol. Helps in combating Anemia and Thalasemia. Controls diabetes and balance blood sugar. Controls Depression. People under a lot of stress with blood related disorders; people with digestive problems including acidity and skin related problems; those trying to overcome chronic inner ear inflammation and infections, people wanting antioxidant protection and liver detoxification.
In this world full of toxin filled environment, there is a high demand for enhanced detoxification. What is detoxification? It is complete cleansing and purification of blood which is mainly carried out by the liver and also some other way of drawn out toxins by applying foot pads. When we talk about detoxification , the most vice choice will be the greens. Greens like wheat grass, spinach, barley grass, green tea, spirulina and chlorella. Bio Chlorophyll, Bio Chlorophyll XP and Chlorella are a complete package for detoxification. And the natural way of drawn out toxins via foot pads Zen Takara is the best choice.